Monday, December 6, 2010

Lancaster Arms: Still Can't Be Trusted

Well, it appears things never change at Lancaster Arms. Complaints are still being posted on this blog and throughout the Internet with great regularity, mostly involving the same ol’ thing: Chet Durda’s complete and total inability to operate his business in an honest and ethical manner.

The latest complaint, posted below, sounds all too usual…Lancaster is paid upfront based upon a promise to ship within a couple weeks, then MONTHS going by with delays, stalling tactics, excuses, and then outright belligerence towards customers when those customers complain about Chet Durda’s now famous (or is it infamous?) dishonesty.

From on December 2:


“First off, my good friend bought a stamped AK-47 and stamped AK-74 from Lancaster. Also, he had another kit that Lancaster built on their milled receiver and different/custom stock. It took 6 months for the kit gun, but he was told up front about it. He ordered the other two 4 months later, and at 6 months, after all kinds of BS as to why the AK's were not sent immediately, all three guns showed up at his FFL without any notice from Lancaster that they were on the way.

When they arrived, poorly packed, they DID turn out to be nice guns. The AK-74 is a pleasure to shoot, and according to Lancaster, has an E. German 5.45 x 39 barrel, with remainder being Bulgy. After I shot it, I wanted a MILLED receiver AK-74--model 7471M.

I ordered on 9/16, and foolishly overnighted a Cashier's Check to them. That should have sent up red flags galore, but I wanted the gun, and ignored them. Shane also told me I could deduct shipping cost from the gun cost, so I sent money for the gun and additional magazines. Shane also told me all parts were in stock, so my gun would be built and ready to go quickly.

Chet signed for the USPS envelope on 9/17. Lancaster never contacted me. I emailed them on 9/23--no response. I called them five days later on Tuesday 9/28 and Shane told me that my gun would go out on 10/1 so I should call back on 9/30 for tracking. I called to get no answer and again, no gun. On 10/9 I received an e-mail from Chet responding to the 9/23 email, acting as if he'd never heard of me or that Shane had never promised me a delivery date earlier. The email said I'd be notified by phone or email as to the ship date withing the week. That never happened, thus broken promise #2.

All throughout this, I've been calling them to no avail--i.e. phone system down, hours of operation changed, illness, etc. On 10/14/2010 since I received no contact as per the email, I contacted Lancaster and informed the secretary this was the third message I’d left for Shane or Chet that had not been returned. She called back approximately 30 mins later and told me my rifle was being test fired and would go out on the following Monday, 10/18/2010. That was broken delivery date/lie #3.

On 11/01/2010 I called Lancaster and spoke with Chet. I was told my rifle to be shipped out on 11/04/2010, and he needed to verify my FFL. This was done. I spoke to his secretary in a second call to confirm the FFL. Guess What??? Broken Delivery Date/Lie #4!

On 11/18/10 I spoke to the secretary at 12:42. She said Shane and Chet were out after putting me on hold for 10 minutes. I told her of the broken deliver dates, and that I want the gun or the money, and that I’m perfectly willing to follow legal routes to get my money. She said Chet would be in in 2 hours, he would be given the message: no returned call. On 12/02/10 I spoke to secretary at 1551. I asked for Shane or Chet, she said she’d see if they were in. I was on hold for 8 minutes, then she said neither was in the building, and promised a call back. I told the secretary that I had been promised multiple delivery times that had not been fulfilled, and that I wanted the rifle or my money, and if my call was not returned promptly that I would call the police and pursue fraud charges.

Chet returned my call and stated my rifle OR my money would go out Monday. I stated I didn’t believe the rifle would be shipped, due to past behavior, and that I just wanted my money back. He said the girl who cuts the checks will mail it Monday. I stated that if I don’t receive it by Friday, December 10th, 2010, I will press fraud charges with the Goodyear PD. He told me to go ahead and do that now, and I responded that I would give him until Friday. He said again to go ahead file charges now, but this time in a more menacing tone, and then he hung up on me. I did not, at any time, raise my voice with these people, nor did I threaten them, I just stated my belief and what I would do if I didn't receive my money within a week.

I'm afraid that Chet wasn't just mouthing off with BS bravado when he told me to proceed with Fraud. I'm afraid, however, that if I file charges, at the preliminary hearing, the judge, as is commonplace, will tell Chet or his atty, to make restitution in the amount I paid, but that he has 6 months to pay, which he'd drag out to the end. Worst case scenario is that kind of delay, but still, 6 months is better than no money at all.”


So there you have it, folks. Unfortuantely, this type of complaint is pretty typical when dealing with Lancaster, and is just one more reason - of many - that doing business with Lancaster Arms is a really, really bad idea.


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