Saturday, March 26, 2011

Lancaster Arms still up to it's old tricks...

I haven't posted in a couple months, but rest's not because things are better at Lancaster Arms. Reports are still pouring in across the Internet and on this blog from people who were promised a rifle or part in "weeks", only to still be empty-handed months later. Yes, you'd think the owner of Lancaster (Chet Durda) and his staff would get a clue and understand that lying to customers doesn't exactly help to rehabilitate their extremely poor reputation. But that itself is part of the problem: One gets the sense Lancaster Arms really, truly doesn't care. They'll continue with "business as usual" until they're either bankrupt or forced out of business.

If you're new here, please read all the blog posts from the past 18+ months, and in particular read the comments to each post! It is in the comments where you truly discover just how many people have been scammed by Lancaster Arms. Recent comments like these are still coming in:

"I was promised the guns in 8-10 business days back on November 8th, 2010. I got my guns Mar 8th, 2011. Thats 4 months of trying to get my guns. The barrels do not look to be chrome-lined. I was promised chrome-lined barrels. No invoice in the packaging. Had to call Lancaster to get one. Oh, and one more thing, the guns are not 922(r) compliant. They shipped them out with non-US pistol grips. Overall my experience with Lancaster would rate at a 2 on a scale of 1 to 10."

"Ordered a couple of AK-74 receivers from this little weasel [Chet Durda] back in January (Jan 05, 2011) and like all of you, nada, zilch, ZERO."

"The wheels of justice grind slowly, but they DO grind. It took me months to get my money, but I DID get it. If you follow these steps [contacting law enforcement], you will stand a much better chance of getting your money back sooner."

"I called the Goodyear police as well as emailing the mayor and city council. They put a detective on the case and the guns shipped 2 days later. No mags, scope rail or paper work." [Author note: When I ordered a Lancaster Arms gun myself a couple years ago, it was also sent without a magazine or any paperwork.]

In other words folks, the warnings remain. It is my strongly held belief, and the experience of plenty of people, that if you take a chance ordering a gun or parts from Lancaster Arms, you stand a high likelihood of regretting that decision. And even if you get your items, there's no guarantee what type of quality you'll receive. It became apparent to me a couple years ago that Lancaster Arms is in this business strictly for short-term monetary gain, and does not care what they send to you (or often, DON'T send to you). They've simply proven this too many times. It is unfortunate that the firearms industry has it's share of shady characters, and Chet Durda and Lancaster Arms are a shining example of this.

Read this entire blog, and if you still decide to order from Lancaster Arms, don't claim you weren't warned...


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