Wednesday, May 19, 2010

"Lancaster Arms Sucks" Blog Achieves 10,000 hits!

Thanks to everyone who has visited this blog! As of May 16th, this blog has achieved 10,000 page views. That represents thousands of people who, while doing research, have stumbled upon this page and discovered that buying a Lancaster gun might not be in their own best interest. That’s the power of the Internet. In past decades, dirtbags could operate a shady business for a LONG time before anyone knew their business was shady. But nowadays “people talk”, and they do so almost in real-time. This can only be a good thing. Well, good for those who have nothing to hide. As for the Lancasters of the world, maybe it isn’t such a good thing.

Also, thank you for all the kind emails. Clearly, this blog has helped many of you arrive at a smarter buying decision. I’m glad some of you won’t get to experience the legendarily bad customer service that has become Lancaster’s calling card. I’m also thankful that with each passing day, more and more people are discovering this (and other) boards, and are deciding with their wallets that “ethics matter!” It’s unfortunate that Lancaster still hasn’t gotten the memo.

And speaking of them, it appears from various posts on the Internet that Lancaster continues with its old tricks of over-promising and under-delivering. As recently as today, there are still fresh posts on the various firearms forums claiming that “Lancaster told me my gun would be done in 4 weeks, and here we are 8 weeks later and all I get from them are lame excuses and their trademarked run-around.” Yup, good ol’ Chet Durda (who couldn’t tell the truth about anything if he had to) is STILL at it, telling customers whatever he thinks they want to hear. You’d think the ol’ coot would figure out by now that the jig is up, and that his constant lying has become the topic of conversation on firearms forums from Connecticut to California. And yet, he’s still at it! He is either completely unaware (doubtful), or he completely doesn’t care (most likely). But then, you can’t “make” someone care. All you can do is warn others.

Glad I could warn others more than 10,000 times.

Stay tuned. Lots of good stuff in the pipeline...


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